Why bother with an outside writing firm?

"My assistant can do that!"
"Joe designed it. He's the one who should tell people how it works!!"
"My budget doesn't include bringing anyone else onto the project!!!"

You've probably thought all of these things at one time or another, and if you've acted accordingly, it's likely that it has cost you both time and money. Your assistant may be heavily committed to other tasks. "Joe's" only language often turns out to be an indecipherable technospeak. Spreading writing responsibility among project participants can result in an unevenly written document, can take employees away from other important tasks, and the collective time used may be far more costly than outsourcing the same work.

Call on Lexicon Services when:

  • You need a fresh way to express an idea or present your product;
  • You need someone to stand between systems designers and less technical end users;
  • Your document must be professional in appearance;
  • Your project requires additional research to ensure accuracy or attention to detail;
  • You want to do your own presentation, but need to be coached in public speaking;
  • You want to tell a story to a child, an adult, or an entire community.

Call on Lexicon Services whenever communication is critical and you need someone who will make words work for you.