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In addition to her business writing, Lexicon owner Karen Elizabeth Bush is a successful author. Two of her books (both published by Wayne State University Press) have been resoundingly acclaimed by reviewers and were flagship publications for the award-winning series: Detroit Biographies for Young Readers.

First Lady of Detroit: the story of Marie Thérèse Guyon, Mme Cadillac

First Lady of DetroitFirst Lady of Detroit is the spirited tale of an adventurous girl who grew up to be a truly remarkable woman. Here is the previously untold story of Marie-Thérèse Guyon, Mme Cadillac, who commissioned and equipped her own expedition to le Détroit in the fall of 1701, joining her husband less than a dozen weeks after Fort Pontchartrain was carved out of the Michigan wilderness.

Written for young readers (age 12 and up), "First Lady's" unique look at a life heretofore undocumented makes it a must-read for all who are interested in early French exploration of the New World. The easy-to-read and understand historical notes offered on each chapter make the text an ideal platform for further study of the period.

"a compelling story in accessible language …[that] plunges the reader into the world of 17th century New France."
- Teachers of social studies (initial review panel)

"The First Lady of Detroit has never been in such good hands. Ms. Bush is a consummate story teller who knows how to breathe life into dusty archives….Mme Cadillac never seemed so alive."
- Domenique Banoun, Canadian filmmaker and Cadillac historian

Available from Wayne State University Press: 1-800-WSU-READ (1-800-978-7323)

Willie Horton: Detroit's Own Willie the Wonder

Willie HortonWillie Horton: Detroit's own Willie the Wonder is the story of a remarkable and generous man who grew up in poverty, made his fortune in major league baseball, and now dedicates a great part of his life to helping young people overcome the obstacles he faced during his own childhood. (Age 10 - adult.)

"Willie Horton is Detroit. Detroit is Willie Horton. This book is supposed to be for young readers. Wrong. It is also for 73-year-old, white-haired sportswriters. A true joy for all to read. Don't miss it."
- Joe Falls, Hall of Fame Sportswriter - The Detroit News

"…Brings back some great memories of our sandlot and Detroit Tiger days. Willie will always be a hometown hero."
- Bill Freehan - Catcher, 1968 World Champion Detroit Tigers

"To know Willie both on a professional and personal level has been a truly great experience. …[Willie Horton: Detroit's Own Willie the Wonder] brings to life not only Willie Horton the player but shows readers the human side of a truly warm and caring person. Part of Detroit's history…compelling reading."
- Bill Haase - Senior Vice President, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

"An interesting, insightful story of a true hometown baseball hero. Magic memories from a colorful era."
- Ernie Harwell - Hall of Fame Broadcaster

"[If a hero is] a leader who confronts and overcomes great obstacles to the realization of his visions and dreams, Willie has earned the right to be our hero. …An excellent chronicle of Willie's baseball career, conveying powerfully Willie's message of hope, hard work, and success."
- The Honorable Damon J. Keith - United States Court of Appeals

Available from Wayne State University Press:, 1-800-WSU-READ (1-800-978-7323)

The Cornerstone
What do you get when you mix five friends, a pile of rubble where an old school once stood, a century-old treasure hunt, and a whole summer in which to unlock a mystery? What happens when you add a little touch of the old West for seasoning, and, for good measure, toss in a stray cat with an attitude?

In The Cornerstone, Karen Elizabeth Bush draws on her knowledge of children and history to create a tale of exploration and adventure sure to appeal to the whole family.

"a good romp through history"
- The Detroit News

"delightful.....[This] tale of immortality and permanence is an enchantingly spun mystery of innocence and charm."
- Patricia Ojala, educator

"very interesting, well-written…along the way [it conveys] interesting historical information"
- Doris A. Paul, author of Navajo Code-Talkers

NOTE: The Cornerstone is out of print; offers used copies, and for a limited time it can be direct-ordered by contacting