What is Lexicon Services?

Lexicon Services is a company dedicated to helping you express yourself in the business world, whether it involves communicating efficiently with your own employees, documenting a computer program, or launching a new idea on the market.

Lexicon Services is versatile. Excelling in a broad spectrum of writing disciplines, Lexicon creates technical manuals, instructional materials, children's and adult fiction, web-page text, and business proposals -- all with a special flair that encourages readers to think about what has been said. Best of all, Lexicon Services is flexible enough to sound like you, accurately reflecting your own corporate culture.

Lexicon Services does not limit itself to creating documentation. Owner and principal writer Karen Bush has extensive experience as a trainer and presenter, and she is optimally equipped to assist you in carrying your information to the people who need it most. A published author who has spent over twenty-five years in the Southeastern Michigan business community, Karen teaches courses in communication, writing, and other liberal arts at Wayne State University and various other southeastern Michigan institutions of higher learning.